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Frequently asked questions

What cosmetics do you use?

I use lots of different makeup products, brand names such as Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Huda Beauty, Chanel, Makeup Forever, Illamasqua, INGLOT, Laura Mercier, MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, Urban Decay. However, if there is a particular makeup brand you prefer let me know.


Do your makeup products contain Parabens?

Yes, some do. If you prefer paraben free products this can be arranged.


Are the makeup products you use cruelty free?

I endeavour to choose products that are all animal cruelty free. However, some products I use do sell their products to China who legally require testing on animals before the products can be sold.

If you would like a vegan make up this can be arranged and I can provide details of a vegan cosmetic supplier.


Are you able to cater for sensitive skin or people with skin concerns?

Yes, I have experience working with different skin types and knowledge of the suitable products.  

If you have certain sensitivities or allergies to make up brands and ingredients then please do make up aware when you book.


I would like a spray tan; will this affect my make up?

Absolutely not!


What hygiene precautions do you take?

I clean my brushes after every client with antibacterial soap and then IPA, I also spray my products after each use with IPA


Can I use my own make up?



What do you do first, hair or make up?

I start by setting the hair and then do the makeup. I will then finish the hair at the end.


I have a special event / wedding, how soon in advance should I book my make up in?

Wedding session is particularly busy and so we suggest confirming your day 9-12 months before hand. A deposit is required for all bookings.


When is the best time to schedule a trial wedding make up session?

3 to 4 months prior to the wedding day.


What do I need to prepare for a trial make up session?

We strongly recommend bringing along photos of makeup styles you like to your trial appointment. It is also worth sharing your themes, colours, attire etc so we can get a feel of the look you want to achieve.


Do I need to put on any skin products before receiving the trial?

Please follow your everyday skin routine, I will refresh your skin with a toner and moisturise your skin before I apply any make on.


Are there any preparations needed for getting my makeup service on my wedding day / special event?

Work Station: Please have a table and chairs ready with adequate lighting to perform the makeup services.

Outfit: Wear a buttoned-down shirt or anything you don't have to pull over your head. 

Face: Should be cleansed with a daily skincare system. Please state any allergies pertaining to any makeup products to me before the service. Facial treatments are not recommended less than 7 days before the event.


When do I have to let you know how many people I require makeup for?

We require confirmed numbers upon booking.


How do I book?

To book with Divine Admiration please call or email us. We will need the date, timings and requirements. Once we have these details we can send a quote along with our terms and conditions.


Any other questions might be covered in my standard terms and conditions which can be found here.

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